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Clock's Ticking — Important Notice To All New York Drivers

Are you being overcharged? If you are paying more than you think you should for your car insurance then you most likely are.

Recent policy changes indicate that drivers could be eligible to save up to hundreds per year on auto insurance. The Consumer Tips Report insurance team is here to assist you.

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If you live in qualified ZIP codes you are eligible for an additional major discount as well. Reality is that most drivers do not know about this.

With everyone leading such busy lives and your car insurance automatically renewing, you probably haven’t noticed that your rates probably went up. This adds up to a whopping average premium of $1,427 per driver. For most people, this is an expense that you pay every month and never get anything out of. That's why we recommend trying our discount site for a 100% free rate check.

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By comparing quotes from multiple companies at the same time, you can quickly find a better option and start saving money immediately. Many drivers report that their monthly payments decreased by over half using our discount site. That's because many of the top companies are now offering the same programs for a reduced rate, all because they are constantly competing for new business.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Even if you already have insurance, you can almost always cancel your current policy with no fee and be reimbursed in order to purchase your newly found better policy.

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